OMG sanitary napkins are taxed????

In your 30s and you suddenly realize that sanitary napkins are taxed – you go OMG!

And then OMG some more – since you have been paying these taxes for the last decade and a half….!!!!

And then OMG loads – as in India where women desperately NEED sanitary conditions during their menstruation cycle – we are taxing it and making it expensive!!!!

Wow…. what AMAZING Logic?

                     OMG Sanitary Pads are Taxed :((

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The Dictionary Defines Feminism….

I have been facing issues around what FEMINISM means and what feminists do etc – for quite sometime now!

Most men and some women keep on at it…. “Why do YOU follow and practise feminism when a balanced person like you should practice Equalism….” to “I am NOT a feminist, I believe in equality of gender

So dedicating this pieces to the DICTIONARIES – do you know they actually carry some interesting definitions for feminism 😉

A Dictionary – It actually has word meanings…

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Bachcha Bikta Hai…

Jharkhand mein “Bachcha Bikta Hai”!

Child Trafficking is an evil reality which the States of Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Odisha are grappling with. Lets try to do a quick review of the WHYS of this menace

There shall be a Series 2 – for the HOWs of child trafficking…coming up!

                                                                          Bachchaa Bikta Hai

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Mom VS Idiot Box

Moms today have an enemy in the Idiot Box which is bigger and more powerful than ever! They struggle with traditional ways of limiting the child’s TV time, treating the child to TV time on good performance and/or banning TV. These stunts worked for our generation – but a faster, cooler and more aware generations – these very “mom-stunts” have to metamorph!

This NINJA generation needs ninja-style moms…..adaptive!

TV watching Kids of today

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I like Adichie’s version of Feminism!

I read this piece around the thoughts of acclaimed Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – on what she thought Feminism was and “raising your daughters right”. She comes from a highly patriarchal society and has faced her own series of struggles and continues to advocate for women’s rights and opportunities.

In one of my favourite quotes Adichie says :

feminism, fighting patriarchy
Adichie’s brand of feminism

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My views, my thoughts, my opinions

I write based on my own experiences of the world and people.

My views are my own and I do reserve the right to change my mind when presented with a life altering truth.

My thoughts reflect my own thinking process which has evolved and changed with time – and the work I do with women. (btw I have been working in the area of women’s development for 10 plus years, with a focus on economic and social empowerment.

My opinions undergo change based on the facts and circumstances which come to light.

I do not claim to know all – but I do claim to be an informed person!

Join me in my journey of expression – and possibly discussion and debate…