No Cosmetic Solutions (Anymore)…

अगर मुझे भूख लगी है और आप मुझे खाने की फोटो दिखाते हैं – और आपको ऐसा प्रतीत होने लगते है की मेरी भूख मर जायेगी – तो ये आपके सपनों की दुनिया है l
मेरी भूख सिर्फ खाने से ही मिटेगी ll

अगर मुझे दर्द होता है और आप मुझे अस्पताल बाहर से घुमा लाते हैं – और आप सोचते हैं की मेरा दर्द ख़तम हो जाएगा – तो ये आपके तो ये आपके सपनों की दुनिया है l
मेरा दर्द सिर्फ इलाज से जाएगा ll

अगर मुझे कमाने की लालसा है – और आप मुझे सही ढंग की स्किलिंग नहीं करवाते हैं और बड़ी बातों से सोचते हैं की मुझे नौकरी दिलाएंगे या उद्यमी बना देंगे – तो ये आपके तो ये आपके सपनों की दुनिया है l
मेरी कमाने की इच्छा तभी पूरी होगी जब – मुझे सही तरह की कौन्सेल्लिंग एवं ट्रेनिंग मिलेगी ll

Wake up from your reverie and dreams – I need solutions.

And NOT cosmetic solutions – ONLY real on the ground workable and sustainable solutions.

A Normal Indian

From whom do women need protection

Women in India need protection if they want to survive and thrive!

The Constitution of India – gives women equal rights and protection. And yet somehow we have managed to reduce the status of women….

Just who did this? How did it happen?

Women need protection from:

  1. People who think men are superior (which is a very large chunk in India)
  2. People who degrade women mentally – since constitutionally they can’t
  3. Moralistic and Judgemental people who throw big words like culture and sanskar. To them I say – the culture and sanskar of India reveres women! I would recommend a lot of research and reading!
  4. Peoplewho think it’s their duty to “teach women a lesson”. These are by far the most dangerous as they think that it’s their moral duty to show women their true place (by inference a 2nd class citizen)
  5. People who look at women as “objects”. Now this category is rather diverse so I am splitting the answer into 2 parts. Part 1: people who believe that the female is the property of her father/brother to be transferred to husband and later transferred to son. These people do NOT stop to consider that legally for transfer of property you need documents verified and registered. And that people (man or woman) cannot be ‘transferred’ as ownership over people isn’t legal!! Part 2 : object of desire as inspired by Bollywood. And we off course add Part 1 here since no Object of Desire has the right to have a mind… Right?
  6. People who are too busy telling all women that they are the weaker sex/gender. Well folks if the girl goes to a gym to lose weight and a boy goes their to lose muscle – there shall be a defined difference in their body type. Also there is like this whole world within our world which believes that girls need not be given the same food and nutrition as boys – so… What does that do to the girl’s health? And finally the girl is taught the sanskar of being “demure” – I sure wonder why we don’t teach all girls to be like Durga
  7. Women who hate other women and try to bring them down. MIL and DIL relationship, sisters in law etc are the most common examples. But then there are some caustic mother and daughter relationships too. Further women in society are so very quick to judge other women…

Just pause… Just think…

Musings of a Monday Morning – fresh off my table.

Silently I thank the Constitution of India and true Indian Culture which protect the rights of women!

3 A Rule needed … Part 1

The 3 A Rule – needed after the landmark judgement of SC on 377:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance
  3. (Fighting) Angst


  • WHAT the judgement is?
  • WHY the judgement was needed in the first place?
  • WHO does the judgement protect? WHY so they need to be protected?
  • WHAT does LGBTQ mean?
  • WHY was 377 introduced 157 yrs ago by the British? WHAT was there need?
  • WHAT does Ancient India have to say about LGBTQ?
  • WHAT do various religions practised in India say today? And what was their historical stand?


  • Accepting the LGBTQ community as Humans
  • Accepting the LGBTQ as Indians

(fighting) Angst

  • Fighting ourselves and our own 157 year old belief systems
  • Believing that what the British did historically wasn’t humane
  • Fighting society for all LGBTQ people and taking a stand
  • And having the ability to admit that probably if we cannot embrace “them” – then we shall “stand aside” and not hound “them”

The SC has upheld their rights to be treated like Indians and Humans.

But the true fight of acceptance begins only now…


Internships are a BOON to the organization and to the Interns themselves – YET why are they are a complete “loss” ?

  1. People Hire Interns for the wrong reasons
  2. People do not spend defining “what the Intern should do” and “how to do it”
  3. People do not define GOALS and ROLES for the Interns
  4. People are ambiguous about the roles which interns should do
  5. Interns come into companies for just a certificate
  6. Interns look at companies just as a ‘value add to their profile’s – and don’t think that they can be absorbed by the same company. Hence their seriousness is low.

Hiring Right Interns – “Rightly”!

  • Define a set of roles in your company for which an Intern can work
  • Define the kind of interns who would suit the role
  • Define clearly what you would offer the intern – stipend or not? If only certificate – then be very specific
  • Define timelines during which the intern shall work
  • Define rules and regulations for the working of Interns – including items like leave, absenteeism etc
  • Define a proper Performance Appraisal System for Interns
  • Define PPOs (pre placement offers) for interns
  • Define the hiring process

You ALSO need to keep away from biases while finding Interns:

  1. Gender bias – one gender is better at a job than the other
  2. Age bias – we never think of old people as being interns
  3. Educational background as a bias – we don’t look at performance and the right fit – we look at the right college

Steer clear!

And now you are ready to go!