3 Quick Ways to Empower Women (truly)

Empowering 48% of the Indian population is “what’s on my mind”!

(I remember responding to this “what’s on your mind” on www.facebook.com way back in 2016 – and today in 2019, I stand by each word)

Do you Truly Wish to Empower Women?

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Giving an FB-kind of response to an issue which I have been working on.
Sharing some thoughts on what true empowerment of women to me means….

  1. Making a woman financially empowered – so that she has a say in the family she lives in.
    No man/woman is an island – and hence we need each other. This need drives us to live in families – small and extended. BUT the say in each family is directly proportional to who is earning. (YES there are some exceptions – but exceptions do not change reality)
  2. Making a woman emotionally and socially empowered – so that she is able to recognize the patriarchy which she believes in and propagates! YES women themselves propagate the beliefs of a male-oriented thinking which asks for a female to be “second” in all that she does.
    Refer to small things each woman does – she feeds the male of the house before feeding herself. She spends money on the male then the kids and then herself on stuff which may be categorized as needs and the frivolous stuff. She teaches her daughters to “be like a girl” and thereby subservient. She tut-tuts when she encounters a boisterous female… she is behaving like a boy!
    Since when did like a girl….or like a boy start defining the “truth of existence”.
  3. Finally empowering the male population which is approximately 52% of the Indian population – and teaching them the “reality of the female existence” and helping them associate themselves better with the female population.
    Our boys need to be taught how to empathize! Empathy is the ONLY way to humanize all issues which crop up! And is the ONLY way to ensure that the male half of the population not just removes away from a male-oriented thinking – but starts aggressively moving to a gender-neutral thinking!
    Let us work towards an India which asks how good or bad you are at work or studies or play or dance – without asking first what is your gender!
    #WomenEmpowerment #Men #EqualityForWomen #GenderNeutrality

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