I like Adichie’s version of Feminism!

I read this piece around the thoughts of acclaimed Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – on what she thought Feminism was and “raising your daughters right”. She comes from a highly patriarchal society and has faced her own series of struggles and continues to advocate for women’s rights and opportunities.

In one of my favourite quotes Adichie says :

feminism, fighting patriarchy
Adichie’s brand of feminism


Bringing this sentiment of hers in the Indian perspective – I share with you my favourite quote:

“Marriage is a favourite pastime in India”

All families consider marriage as the acme of achievement – hence the hoarding around finding the most suitable bride/groom and the ideal family alliance.

Its almost as if you are out to conquer the world – so you need the perfect “alliance” with the most powerful family!

These and many more of Adichie’s words have affected me …

Like her questioning the usage of language – we call our daughter’s Princess – thereby making her a damsel in distress awaiting her Prince charming to come to her rescue…

WHY – why can’t she simply be the warrior who fights her own battles…

“Teach her about oppression, and be careful not to turn the oppressed into saints” – Adichie’s  words,

Well this got me thinking – do we not make saints of the oppressed? Thereby making it a desirable and admired state to be in…? YES – thats how the human mind works – remember we ALL wish to be saints…

Yes Feminism is complicated – and what we teach our daughters requires a lot of filtering! You never know a simple word maybe making an incorrect impact on her!

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