Remembering #NayiSoch : Son of Saroj

In a patriarchal set up where you are known by the name of your father and it takes a PIL by a mother in the SC of India, to get the mother names as ‘natural guardian’ – this ad was like a breath of fresh air!

Introducing – Son of Saroj

Lets all take a minute to remember our mothers and the toil and sweat they have put in – to bring us up! And lets all acknowledge our mothers and raise a salut’ to them


2017 resolution – lets NOT celebrate 8th March as women’s day! Instead celebrate the rest of the 364 days as a women’s day – clubbed together as a full year…
So this year I plan to work on women’s development for ALL days but 8th March…


(17th Oct 2016 – I first wrote about this ad)

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