This GURL loves her Cricket…

Hola world – introducing ME… and “This GURL loves her Cricket…” !!!

Like any true-blue DESII can laugh cricket, I can talk cricket, I can live cricket…. (because cricket isn’t a funny game at all)

Ref – the dialogue pick from Namakhalal (for the generation who saw it 😉 )

GURL n Cricket!

And my 10 top sighs CRICKET moments (which ranged from elation to dispair):

  1. Top of the line – Tendulkar retiring! The world STOPPED on its axis! How could the Gods be so cruel! How could HE leave? No – no…. Wait – BUT he is GOD…. right?
  2. When Dhoni won the world cup for us…! The GODs have finally smiled! Dhoni can be God now (after Dhoni na…)! Dance … pataka fodo … sweets … WE ARE THE WORLD!!!
  3. When Miadad jumped up and down like a baboon ;))) – copying More in ’92…. We still laugh about that one!
  4. Kumble ka Purrfectt 10!!!! That too against Pak… waah bhai waah….
  5. The Year when Pak won the World Cup – we remember it – coz India beat Pak 😉 rofl….!!
  6. When Javagal Srinath hit a 6 against the Aussies in the penultimate over…. we remember a fast bowler for the bestes 6 ever!
  7. Almost dying when GOD fell for a duck – (Tendulkar got 20 ducks in one-dayers)
  8. Hearing from my mom “how cool Kapil Dev was” – waah waah…. And not knowing WHY – when we had a Dhoni get the World Cup 😀 – and we wanted more!
  9. Knowing that the Men in Blue are Amazing – yet they can and have pulled out defeat from the jaws of victory 🙁 – (it was like, you knew India was winning so you went to do something important – and came back to a loss)!!!
  10. When Virat Kohli did the “Mein Saroj ka Beta Ad“…. sigh!

I continue to LOoooovvveee my Cricket…

Yes – I was away for a few yrs (after all GOD had retired) – but am Back!

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