Dear Mom …. Please Raise me as a Feminist Son!

Drawing inspiration from ALL amazing Moms (and Dads) who are raising amazingly Feminist Sons

These are normal people from all walks of life, from working professionals, to stay at home moms and a few stay at home dads, to some vibrant parents from the Bottom of the Pyramid…

Dear Mom ,

Please Raise me as a Feminist Son!

A Boy – needing to be a Feminist!

I do NOT know what is a boy and what is Girl – you tell me! You tell me by your actions and words! You tell me by the length of your hug and the smile on your face!

So Mom –¬†Please Raise me as a Feminist Son because:

  1. Today I do not understand the difference in Gender – but tomorrow I will – and I need to be empowered enough to appreciate the difference and respect girls/women
  2. Today, MOM you eat the last and that simply tells me ALL girls should eat last! You in fact take the smaller piece of the cake while serving us mom – YOU think its caring – and I understand that as a girl “you are expected to eat less”
  3. Today, MOM you do ALL house chores and do NOT allow DAD to help – so I know that no woman in my life should ever ask me to help…. if she is a good woman ie. After all MOM you are the best woman! And the best woman doesn’t allow “her man” to work at home….
  4. Today, MOM you allow DAD and me to hog the TV remote and allow DAD to tease you mercilessly about your serials…. MOM it just tells me that as the man of the house I have 1st right to the remote! It also tells me that “real men” don’t watch wishy-washy soap operas. But MOM – have you ever given a thought that perhaps I maybe someone who wishes to watch a soap opera when I grow up? You just took away my choice MOM.
  5. Today, MOM on the way back from the doc after getting those horrible injections – while I wailed my heart out – you told me “itna kyun rote ho, ladki ho kya? Real men don’t cry!!” So mom – did you always cry as a little girl? Do only girls cry? Do boy not have the right to cry? Do you think I shall NOT be a “real man” if I cry MOM…
  6. Today, MOM when you tell me that I shall get married to a beautiful girl who will come home to me and I have to earn for her, else I will not get a pretty bride. MOM you just put a 6 figure salary tag – to getting a pretty wife! Is the wife who is pretty so shallow? Is she going to be the trophy to the world – to show off my 6 figure salary? So the prettier the girl the higher my salary? And when she ages – then what mom? Should I change her for a younger model (girl) – after all my salary would then be 8 figures?
  7. Today, MOM when you put up with the crap which is meted out to you by Granny and all other relatives coming home. They criticize your cooking and your clothes and how you raised your son – and you take it. MOM, since you are my HERO, I shall learn from you. I shall learn that any woman I marry is to be treated like crap and she should “take it”, or else….
  8. Today, MOM when you allow dad to throw a plate of food or push you or hit you or scream at you, and you take it. When you have a bruised face and I ask you – “what happened” and you keep on applying make up saying “you fell”….MOM don’t think I don’t know what happened! I saw it! I heard it! I felt it in my bones…. MOM – my HERO, I shall learn from you, I shall do exactly “thisto any woman I marry and I shall expect her to “take it”, to keep applying the make up and say “nothing happened”…. after all you MOM are the best…. and you did it!¬†
  9. Today, MOM you tell me that you took a break from your career and sacrificed your life and now you cannot get a job back. You tell me that I should be grateful to you for your sacrifice. MOM you are teaching me 2 distinct lessons, 1st women need to give up their careers for their kids, and 2nd I have to make it upto you at all costs – so I shall make it up by going against my wife at all costs!
  10. Today, MOM when you hide your illnesses from family and silently suffer, or you don’t buy something special to you and buy things for the house, in the name of sacrifice. You MOM are teaching me that ALL women should do this! And those who put their health before family or buy things they like are shallow women! After all MOM – my HEROyou always “stayed back and gave up” everything dear to you….so I shall learn from you!

So MOM – if you wish for me to learn to treat girls and women like human beings YOU have to treat yourself like a human being 1st.

MOM you have to stand up for yourself – so that I know that any woman or girl who stands up for herself is RIGHT! And its NORMAL to stand up for their on rights….

MOM – I need YOU to first be a FEMINIST!!!!

And then MOM – I need you to raise me as a FEMINIST SON….


Your Son

(I hope a Feminist One)

Feminist – is someone (man or woman) who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women)

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