Are you being “Gas-Lighted”? (Form of Emotional Abuse)

Gas-Lighting is a very aggressive and dangerous form of Emotional Abuse – where the abuser slowly, yet surely convinces his victim that she is worthless. Her sense of self is destroyed completely and she is dependent on him for her very existence.

This is a mental manipulation where the woman starts feeling that her own action/s border on “insanity” or not normal.

What makes this form of emotional abuse the most dangerous is that the abuser isn’t violent verbally – he uses smooth and soft language to manipulate the woman.

Are YOU being Gas-Lighted?

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OMG sanitary napkins are taxed????

In your 30s and you suddenly realize that sanitary napkins are taxed – you go OMG!

And then OMG some more – since you have been paying these taxes for the last decade and a half….!!!!

And then OMG loads – as in India where women desperately NEED sanitary conditions during their menstruation cycle – we are taxing it and making it expensive!!!!

Wow…. what AMAZING Logic?

                     OMG Sanitary Pads are Taxed :((

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Horrors of a condom story…

8th March 2017 – a true story shared on stage by the imminent gynecologist Dr Shobha Chakravarty, on the occasion of International Women’s Day celebration by IPSOWA, Jharkhand at RIMS, Ranchi.

Some 10 years back a woman came to a nurse in a rural center and said, “humko bachcha nahin karne ka hai” (Translation – I don’t want to get pregnant)

The nurse gave her a condom and said use this.

                                                                   Condom on a laathi

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