Are you being “Gas-Lighted”? (Form of Emotional Abuse)

Gas-Lighting is a very aggressive and dangerous form of Emotional Abuse – where the abuser slowly, yet surely convinces his victim that she is worthless. Her sense of self is destroyed completely and she is dependent on him for her very existence.

This is a mental manipulation where the woman starts feeling that her own action/s border on “insanity” or not normal.

What makes this form of emotional abuse the most dangerous is that the abuser isn’t violent verbally – he uses smooth and soft language to manipulate the woman.

Are YOU being Gas-Lighted?

How to know if YOU are being Gas-Lighted in your relationship?

Answer Y-Yes or N-No:

  1. You feel that you cannot take any decisions without asking your partner – Y/N
  2. You feel that you do not look ‘good enough’ for your outing – Y/N
  3. You feel you need to ask your partner for permission before meeting your friends and family – Y/N
  4. You feel you have become very FAT in the last few weeks – Y/N
  5. You feel that you cannot speak in public or your form of expression or language is not good enough – Y/N
  6. You feel that you should ask your partner before you eat or order food – Y/N
  7. You feel you need to ask your partner before going out (because he shall feel bad) – Y/N
  8. You feel that any form of comment on your partner’s behavior by your best friends and family – seems like criticism and “not fair” – Y/N
  9. You feel that your partner is the best thing that could happen to you and nothing in your life was ever as good – Y/N
  10. You feel that you don’t deserve your partner – and keep thanking God or going ‘touch wood’ for him choosing you – Y/N

If you get a 5 or more in this query as a YES – you need to assess your relationship and need to immediately speak to a Councillor to help you through this phase. 

You need to “re-learn” how to be your own person!

You need to be “YOU” without guilt and shame….

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