Horrors of a condom story…

8th March 2017 – a true story shared on stage by the imminent gynecologist Dr Shobha Chakravarty, on the occasion of International Women’s Day celebration by IPSOWA, Jharkhand at RIMS, Ranchi.

Some 10 years back a woman came to a nurse in a rural center and said, “humko bachcha nahin karne ka hai” (Translation – I don’t want to get pregnant)

The nurse gave her a condom and said use this.

                                                                   Condom on a laathi

Woman – “iska kya karen?” (Trans: What should I do with this?)

Nurse (a little amused) – “isko pyaar karte waqt lagana” (Trans: Put it during the act)

Woman – “kaise?” (Trans: How?)

Nurse opens the packet and takes out the rubber – puts it on a “laathi” (stick) and says “aise” (Trans: Like this)

4 months later –

The visibly pregnant woman returns – and scolds the nurse!

Woman – “Jhuthi ho tum” (Trans: You are a liar)

Nurse – “uff – tumne kaise lagaaya” (Trans: uff – how did you use it)

Woman – “jaise tumne dikhaaya tha – lakdi par” (Trans: Just the way you showed it – on a stick)

The woman had put the condom on a stick and had unprotected sex – hoping that like an invisible force the condom will work!

THAT my dear friend is the level of awareness of contraception in INDIA!

Though you may have laughed at this story (I know I did while I heard Dr Shobha Chakravarty narrate it) – but does this apathy explain why we have a burgeoning population….????!!!!!

WE as a society need to help women educate themselves and other men and women around them….

But 1st WE as men and women – who are reading this blog – need to stop feeling ashamed/shy in using the word condom!

BTW – 90% of Indians are not comfortable using the word condom in public….!


One thought on “Horrors of a condom story…”

  1. true major problem of our society……………
    even the educated group not discussed it, check it by ownself …………..how many times you had discussed it………

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