OMG sanitary napkins are taxed????

In your 30s and you suddenly realize that sanitary napkins are taxed – you go OMG!

And then OMG some more – since you have been paying these taxes for the last decade and a half….!!!!

And then OMG loads – as in India where women desperately NEED sanitary conditions during their menstruation cycle – we are taxing it and making it expensive!!!!

Wow…. what AMAZING Logic?

                     OMG Sanitary Pads are Taxed :((

Now back to putting caveats – before I continue – the current Govt did NOT put the taxes, they have been there forever… But it hasn’t yet thought of removing the taxes!!! <so both political leaning people – please do NOT raise it as an issue>

Returning to the ISSUE of taxing sanitary pads…

  1. This is an essential commodity – so WHY tax it in the 1st place? And since the tax was put by someone else before you – why don’t YOU remove it?
  2. Sanitary Napkins need a push in the market – so that more and more women start using it and have safe and clean menstruation cycles. <now the caveat of the anti plastic users – you should know that 80% of the women in India use dirty rags, leaves, clay etc etc. And end up getting infected. So till such time the Green-brigade can 1st find a cheap ecological friendly napkin and till such time all of them can go from house to house promoting it – or better yet convincing the P&Gs and HLLs of the world to start making green stuff (as they are very good at pushing products) – Do NOT comment here!
  3.  Swacha Bharat abhiyaan needs to adopt this FULL time! Women need it….and women and the men around them holding the purse strings need to understand the importance of hygiene and safety during menstruation!

Dear Newly Elected Govts in 5 States – 4 of which belong to the same part as the GOI – please take the initiative to drop ALL taxes on Sanitary Pads….

Help reduce the price – and help women afford hygiene and their health!

I would also strongly recommend a Govt push – through the Swacha Bharat Abhiyaan – to push the idea to women and their men! I have seen wonders in my own village panchayat where a few 100 toilets are being built….

STOP taxing an Essential Item!

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