Nirbhaya ke baad?

Delhi became the focal point in 2012 on 16th day of December – for a young girl was brutally raped and then her insides were mauled and mangled (almost as if she was an animal in a slaughter house) – and all because she dared to travel late in the evening with her friend (who was male). She was named ‘Nirbhaya’ by the media. It took a lot of courage for her father to come up and name her – he said – she was Jyoti Singh and she was scared to die! She was NOT Nirbhaya (without fear)!

Its 4 long years – and 4 times there have been candle lit marches, protests – a lot of noise by the political masters, the legal guardians and law makers and implementers – so what has changed?

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Post Nirbhaya – WHAT?

  1. Are women safer? Or do they feel safer in Delhi and the rest of the country? If you ask women around you (and yourself if you are a woman reading this) – do you see any notable change in society towards eradication of Gender Based Violence – rape, molestation, eve teasing, domestic violence, acid attacks etc
  2. Are women working with men and women BOTH – to make life safer for women? Are women coming forward to spend time with other women and men – in trying to address this issue? Are we teaching our boys NOT to molest/eve tease/rape? Are we teaching our girls to stand up for themselves?Do we have these conversations at home?
  3. Are men taking action in their own gender groups to make women safer? The amazing thing about Gender Based Violence is that there are 2 parties involved. So if a woman is being raped by a man – its NOT just that there is the woman involved – there is the man. Now are men taking notice of this? Are men just sitting around saying that “all men don’t rape”? We know that! But what action are you as men taking against those men who do rape?
  4. Are men speaking out openly against gender based violence? (BTW rape is #genderBasedViolence ) Are men taking a feminist stand – by advocating Gender equality and speaking out openly against Gender Based Violence? In men only groups are men stopping other men from cracking misogynistic comments/jokes? If it is cool to crack an anti women joke – why can’t men make it cool to stand up for women’s rights in all men groups? Food for thought…
  5. Are men and women – actually spending time with the younger generation addressing gender issues? Not talking about crap and bad stuff doesn’t make it go away! How many of us have taken the case of Nirbhaya (Jyoti, since I too believe that she was not without fear) – and have had a detailed conversation around it with youngsters….

I want to join hands with YOU (anyone reading this) who feels strongly that Gender sensitization and Gender based violence needs to stop…

Lets WORK on making India safer for 48% of its total population!!!!
(BTW we women aren’t 50% of the Indian population 🙁 another issue we should think about)

#GenderIssues #makeOurWomenSafe #SaveTheGirls


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