Misogynistic women exist

Misogyny is “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women” as per the dictionary.

And YES misogyny is practiced by women too!

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                                                     Why do women hate women?

Understanding misogyny when followed by women (and hating it):
Sharing a conversation with 2 women misogynists whom I had the complete displeasure and misfortune of meeting.

The 2 Women who started talking – with me as an uninterested listener:

Woman 1: Girls shouldnt be born at all… I have 3 boys! Life for me is great!
(And I was like… “are you crazy… No girls? Then who will marry your boys?
Her response – beautiful girls! And she sighed already making plans to dominate them)

Woman 2: A discussion around Jyoti Singh (aka Nirbhaya) vs the horrific rape and murder a few days back in Ranchi.

“Ye ladkiyan faltu mein raat mein bahar jaati hain! Fir galat kaam hota hai (rape) and fir roti hain! Kyun jaati hain baahar? Aur ye kapde to dekho…”

My argument – “So victim shaming by womem is in fashion kya?”

Her response: ” Are shame to hua na… Khud hi socho!”
My response “Please Shut up! (And I eeked out)

#misogyny #patriarchy #dontShameRapeVictims #saveGirls

One thought on “Misogynistic women exist”

  1. this is not something new or we can say strange……………..
    people used of saying these bullshits. now it will take time to change their thinking , which is only possible when we will change ourself first and then others……

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