19 hacks to Writing a Decent JD, to get the RIGHT Candidate

Dear HR and Recruitment Folks,

Have you struggled with getting the right candidate for the role?

Have you been cribbing with the variety of people applying?

Stop and think – what exactly did you put up in the Job Descriptions…

19 Super quick HACKs which can actually get you the RIGHT and better filtered candidate…

  1. Write the JD title correctly and in understandable English – no using acronyms. The sure death of the JD is an acronym ridden title!
  2. Write the JD title using language which the candidates would ideally use – be in their shoes. Think of the words which a candidate would identify with
  3. Be clear about which level you are hiring for – many a times line managers shall tell you – that they are open to a “fluctuation”. But you need to be clear in the JD itself
  4. Insert a brief and crisp introduction to the job itself – this can be around 50 to 70 words – and should include the WHAT kind of work is expected
  5. Write WHY the candidate can work with you/your company?this would make your JD more interesting and attractive to the right candidate. Remember all candidates actually think if you are going to be the “right kind of employer”
  6. Write about your company truthfully – writing good stuff is good, but needless bragging gets the candidate suspicious. Never forget that the candidate shall also do a background check about your company
  7. Highlight the “good” about the role – like foreign travel or company sponsored training and certifications. This gets the interest of the right candidate up! BUT  here again don’t fib.
  8. Detail out the daily works and responsibilities for the jobthis is going to be tough – as most people do not even in their regular work chart for roles sit down and define this. Definitions for some reason become uber-broad! BUT thats the catch – you have to define and write out
  9. Googly time – sit down and define the “personality traits” you would want in the right candidate. No company sits down and defines the personality traits job-wise. But if done correctly, this can be an amazing filter for the right candidates to apply.
  10. Define the skills sets you mandatory need and what extra skills will be a plus point. This is tough for non-technical roles, so you will need to spend time actually writing it down post researching it.
  11. If possible write out what you shall NOT hire or consider as a skill set. Something like people who have XYZ need not apply. But this XYZ cannot be discriminatory law-wise. Eg – for the military people with color blindness need not apply or shall be rejected on that ground in the medicals
  12. Be clear with the salary package you are willing to offer – avoid sentences like salary is “best in the industry”. Candidates who are good needlessly get irritated.
  13. Salary should be defined as a narrowed down range. Do not give salary range from 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum – for the same role. It doesn’t sound realistic.
  14. Be clear about the locations you are hiring for – don’t write generics like hiring for East India. They have 3 to 5 states defined. State the name of the State and city/village where the role shall be base
  15. Make the location attractive for the candidate – write plus points like transport, near to malls for recreation etc.
  16. If the location is tough – then clearly state the perks you shall give the candidate for working out of there. Eg extra salary or weekly company paid offs for nearby trips etc
  17. How to apply? This is again a mandate! Make the process CLEAR and in simple language.
  18. Give email ids and contact numbers for “clarification of doubts”. Ensure these contacts are working and you are prompt with your response
  19. Encourage independent consultants to search for the right candidates for you. To a recruitment biggie company you are 1 client – and to the independent consultant you are THE client! Make this point clear in the JD

Stopping at 19 🙂

These hacks work!

Try them and see the difference in the quality of applications and the easy filtration process which you shall be able to create for the right candidate.

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