Women make BESTest Friends

Are you one of those women who has at one time with pride or exasperation or annoyance claimed any of these:

  • Women can never be true to you if you are a woman!
  • Women can never hold secrets!
  • I have never ever had a woman friend…

I am dedicating my life experiences (some 11 of them) – to YOU… you who don’t have women friends…

  1. My first ever girl-bestest friend was the one I had when I was in kindergarten. We had been apparently “found trying to kill each other” in the sand-box. 2 years we were inseparable. We shared each mystery , each other’s family history and much much more. I remember her like it was yesterday … (and I hope that one day we meet again)
  2. My next girl-bestest friend was the one who taught me how to ride a bike with no support wheels. She also taught me a naughty joke – which I didn’t quite understand – but which managed to scandalize the living bee-jee-jeez out of my parents. We were out of touch for many many years – and then found each other online…. Orkut and then FB
  3. The next time around I found a girl-bestest friend was in class 6 – in fact a found a huge bunch of them! These were girls who played with me, fought with me, taught me to be strong and self reliant. Held my hand when I bust my knee playing a horrible game of Basketball (I was a cricketer). Shared a Cricket World Cup Match on the radio in the school far field… My memories of these amazing girls is amazing and vivid. Then I dropped off the face of their earth… and they dug and dug and found me! I was kicked into buying a smart phone and getting online on watsapp by them… (I thank my lucky stars they were such diggers)
  4. My next girl-bestest friend/s were this whole gang of girls in my next school. We had a terrible time sharing our board exam woes. We hated the study load – but loved coming to school each day to play and chat up. This period saw me make a school shot put record and become head girl. It also saw me wear my first ever pair of heels and fall of the stairs – oooh that was painful! Then my first ever formal sari for the school farewell… the pains of being girly and looking pretty. I did fall off their portion of the earth too… and had them dig me out… this digging was relatively easier as my previous diggers had me connected online…
  5. My girl-bestest friend with my roomie at college moment saw us want to scream at each other constantly – and then 3 months later we had individual rooms – and all heavens sang! We were besties! She stood by me when I passed or flunked an exam. She kicked me into sitting in the front of the class to start studying! She watched over me like a mumma hen – during our final placements! She is a strong kick ass woman – who managed to actually be my savior way too many times to count
  6. The next girl-bestest friend moment came with a junior from college – well we were close in college – but at that time I was always in the driving seat with her being bossed around…. then many years later when I was at my absolute lowest – she descended from Kolkotta / Dubai – and caught me up and shook the living daylights out of me! And it worked – I got up and shook of the dust and made 1 step at a time out of the quicksand I was sinking in…
  7. The next ever girl-bestest friend experience I had was with a dear friend’s wife. I moved out of their city – and slowly she and me got talking! I don’t quite know how and when it happened – but she became an integral part of my life – and to the shock of my family came down to my home town just to “be with me” and “stand by my side” as I wept for loss and pain! She pulled me out of the rut! And she kicked some life right back into me…
  8. The next woman/girl who turned out to be my girl-bestest friend – was someone who worked with me closely for many years. The transition from colleague to friend to close confidante happened seamlessly – I guess I got lucky! She stood rock solid by me, with me when I faced a tornado! I lived to tell the tale and so did she… amazing right?
  9. The shocker girl-bestest friend moment was this uber girly girl – who was a school mate and never a friend in school. She came into my life like fresh air – and stayed! Wow… she is a hurricane herself who sort of smells girly like roses! And I am happy! Its not too many times in your life you are befriended – and before you know it the flowery rose becomes your rock!
  10. The not so shocker girl-bestest friend I made was another school mate and in fact I shall say a friend and play mate. We ate and breathed cricket! Years melted away with her coming to visit me with another amazing kickass girl-bestest friend – whoa – I had like a bumper moment! Both have become a part of my life! We aren’t the regular bestie types talking up a storm always – but in my heart and by their deed I know I have 2 foundation stones of the home for my soul!
  11. And then the bhoole bichade moment with my girl-bestest friend from class 7 – who landed from “phoreign” just to catch up with me after donkeys years. We chatted, we giggled, we laughed – we managed to exchange 15 yrs of crap in 2 hours…. whoa! And then she went back to “phoreign”

NOTE — this is just school and college girl-bestest friend list. My working life of 12 years has seen many more women come and be with me and support me! But thats for a later day…

And I am just starting on this list… so so many many more are trickling down memory lane!

I shall expand on this list – for I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a hoard of amazing woman friends…

So think – was I lucky? Or have you been missing out on making the effort of making “girl-bestest friends” ?

Think – because – the bias maybe diminishing your friend list big time 🙂

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