I stood up – to SHAME body SHAMERS…

8th April late night saw me “rant” on FB about Body-shaming! (the excerpt is below)


WHY did I write on FB ?

  • I meant to actually get things off my chest and tell each body shamer I know personally to “take a hike”
  • I meant to stand up for myself – and TEACH others around me who watch me – to stand up for herself/himself

I got some very lovely and empowering responses in terms of around 250 plus likes and 65 msgs (this number is still rising)

Sharing a few with you (there were 65 comments):

NOW reading these words and the so many many more – all I realised was that for every Body-Shamer and Troll – I was surrounded by 10s of positive souls!

I realised that each piece of hurt was soothed over so many many times…. and that too on a public platform!

I know writing about my own personal “feelings” isn’t my strength – BUT writing this piece made of STRONG!

It liberated me in a very strange way…

Body shaming is of so many types – ranging from:

  1. You are FAT (my kind)
  2. You are too thin – are you a stick/toothpick?
  3. You are too dark – night black. This off course has a full cream to take care of 
  4. Your hair is too thin
  5. Your hair is too curly
  6. Your nose is fat
  7. Your eyes are too small – are you chinky?
  8.  You are sooo hairy – didn’t you ever put ubtan? Try some permanent solutions to this
  9. You are too short
  10. You are too tall…

And this list simply goes on and on and on…. till YOU stop it yourself…..

Anyone who comments at your body in jest/joke or says “they are saying it for your own good” or they say “don’t take it other-wise”… “MY FRIEND” (am saying this sarcastically – as someone like this cannot be a friend)

“MY FRIEND” – we all hearing you body shame us….and we like good Indians do NOT react…

We ALL know what YOU are upto… YOU are out to make us miserable – make us feel bad – ruin our moment of triumph – kill the joy in our heart….

But who is at fault? The body shamer? YES…. How creepy?!!

BUT what about you? Are you not at fault for allow him/her to get away with CRAP and SH**?I

Your silence gives him/her more ammunition – he/she goes onto hurt you another time and also gets emboldened to hurt others…

I stood up – to SHAME body SHAMERS…

YOU should too…

Stand up if someone shames you….

Stand up if someone shames anyone around you….

Call out the Body-Shamer…. they should be the ones shamed!

THIS coming from a woman who has been shamed for the better part of 7 years….

Shamed into feeling that ALL that she was doing was on one side… and her FAT (her being PLUS) was on one side…

Shamed into not realising WHAT the body-shamer did, was to win against her…

I shall not be body-shamed anymore!

I shall strive to be the “best version of ME” possible…

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