Rukku was all dressed up in this amazing long red flowing gown. Her hair was perfectly set as straight waterfall like shiney and smooth black depths. Her lips were a ruby red.

The ocean beyond beckoned but she looked onto the stars – as if tempting them to come to her.

“Rukku – where are you?” , came a loving male voice (almost like a caress)

Rukku in Red (this is a free image used from the internet)

Rukku turned to find – Jamil there.

He was dressed in a dapper all white and black designer ensemble, and look like Stallone as he came towards her. (she had always dreamed of marrying Rocky)

He took her hand gently and walked back with her into the part – and pulled her into his arms and gently swayed to “Strangers in the night….”

A while later in the ladies room – Rukku overheard a gaggle of females drooling over Jamil – and wondering why “that stuck up Rukku” never ever smiled? Was she frigid – they wondered aloud? And sighed that Jamil never ever looked at any other woman!

The perfect man!

It was way past evening – and Jamil excused himself and Rukku from their hosts – profusely thanking them for the special time….

Jamil specifically told their hostess that Rukku had a lovely time!

“What a stuck up bitch!” the hostess thought, looking at the beautiful yet unmoving face of Rukku.

7 pm – Rukku was at home – slowly scrubbing her make up off her face.

Each white line from the knife cuts slowly revealed itself as a mark of each day spent with Jamil…

Oh – no one knew off course! Rukku was too good with her make-up!

And in around 30 minutes – Rukku just looked at herself in the mirror – white lines and scars covering her face and neck…

She wondered why they didn’t hurt anymore? She wondered why the pain of her skin was transferred to her heart instead….

She laughed (short bursts of a wild kind of laugh)!

Oh Life!

(This is a Short Story – based on a real life incident. The names have been changed)

More than 70% of all Indian marital homes have reported some kind of domestic violence of the other! But only 20% ever reach the Police Station as a complaint / report/ FIR. Women face “social stigma” from society if they formally goto the Police.

Behind each woman’s perfectly coiffed hair and ruby lips there may just be a story of pain!

Please understand her! Don’t just judge her…  



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