“Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue”

A very powerful TED talk by Jackson Katz: “Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue”

I have personally encountered so so many of these in the last 8 years of working with women…and speaking to men who have in turn been intertwined with the lives of women:



  1. Why did she go there with those men? Why was she drinking in the 1st place? (does this remind you of the post Bangalore mass molestation rubbish which people spewed)
  2. It is a woman’s issue! Thus implying that men are not involved! – so when a man beats up or rapes or molests a woman – it is her issue???!!! (Victim blaming. We have seen both men and even women blame the victim. In fact 2 of our famous political leaders – 1 lady and 1 man blamed the victims and said that the “women asked for it”)
  3. Men need to speak up and speak out! Feminist men need to come vocally forward and the rest of the men need to understand that feminism is about equality! (go for the bystander approach – rather than a victim and perpetrator approach. Don’t remain silent – speak up! Your silence is taken as your assent.)

Quoting Martin Luther King – Jackson Katz says….“In the end what hurts the most – its not the words of our enemies – but the silence of friends…”
My question – (Malavika‘s question) – so where are those Feminist men – we need you to speak out! The silence of our “friends” shall harm us the most….

He goes onto say – “There is no excuse for a college or university to not have domestic and sexual violence prevention training mandated for for all its students and coaches mandated for all as part of the education…”

Are our educationists in India listening?



Fight Gender Based Violence : Change by Talking #genderBias#EqualityForWomen #lookingForFeministMen




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