Confused Misogynists?

Misogyny is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. But  seeing through the misogynistic glass: discussions online and offline with many women and some men leads me to some rather startling facts:

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Misogynists aren’t aware of their own misogyny

  1. Misogynists are NOT even aware that they “dislike or hold women in contempt” (have spent almost 3 days in futile arguments).They firstly do NOT know what misogyny is – and secondly when you explain to them, they fail to recognize the relevance to their behaviour or misogynistic actions!
  2. Misogynists are certain that they are doing things or saying things ‘for the good of women’ . Well – who made them judge and jury, you ask? They themselves! They think what they are saying is for the “betterment” of the woman-folk’s standing in society!
  3. Misogynists often dislike sexist jokes – but read them – and firmly believe that women “like that” (ie a fast type) – are the reason these jokes are cracked (at this point for me, my imaginary hair tearing starts – of sheer frustration. How can this even be justified?)
  4. Calling a woman a prostitute or a whore or something equally vile is their ultimate form of lowly being name calling – misogyny…argh!!! And the ultimate is… Insulting a “normal / good woman” – with such words are their surest way to get them to get people to react…
  5. Oh and before I forget – the term presstitutes finds its origin from the word prostitutes – and connote immoral press people who ‘sell themselves’ like prostitutes. I hope you by reading this itself can understand the misogyny here!!! Who makes misogynists moral police? And who ascertains on the purity or non-purity of a woman?
  6. … I don’t want to write anymore 🙁

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