Play Holi CONSENT Waali…

Dear Uncle, Bhaiya, Jiju, Chacha, Friend, BF, Unknown male,

Lets all Play Holi CONSENT Waali

Lets ALL ensure that YOU do not have to ever say “Bura Na Maano Holi Hai….” – this at MOST times simply translates to “Don’t get offended for me BAD/lecherous behavior – after all its Holi”

And ALL you have to do is watch out for the signs of NO – Consent…. and NOT do those actions….

Holi should make you smile – NOT cry!

  1. Its NOT consent when, you sneak up and color a woman from behind
  2. Its NOT consent when, you forcefully color a woman’s face and body – and then say “bura na maano holi hai”. This is an OMG moment – where you are actually molesting a woman!
  3. Its NOT consent when, you hit a woman with water colored balloons and continue to make her clothes wet – when she says NO!
  4. Its NOT consent when, you come from behind and hug and touch a woman!
  5. Its NOT consent when, you force a woman to drink thandai with bhang against her will!
  6. Its NOT consent when, you know a woman is high on thandai with bhang and you start touching her! Thats groping and molestation!

This Holi lets all spread smiles and colors and NOT tears of fright and annoyance and disgust…

Lets just play Play Holi CONSENT Waali



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