Democracy and Politicians?

Today a Leading Woman Politician LOST the elections – and she decided to blame faulty Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for the annihilation of her party!

I am just highlighting what annoyed me most about her accusations – being an Indian and a woman:

An Annoyed Indian Woman Voter…

  1. She had NO concrete proof. She just called a press conference and “stated” that cheating had occurred!
  2. She made wrong accusations against the wrong party . The EVMs were in the custody of the State Govt – and the sitting Govt (ie political party) also LOST!
  3. She being a woman leader – should have been more responsible! We need women leaders NOT to sound “ajeeb”!
  4. She came out sounding like a sore-loser...
  5. She was not at all apologetic or contemplative about the performance of her party. . . its not my fault that we lost was the voice all around
  6. She actually tried to say that 1 community cannot vote for another community!  And this according to her was proof! This was my complete OMG moment – we live in a secular democracy where religion in our personal lives and lack of it in our public lives is celebrated! So OMG….cannot believe she just said it!

Women Leaders need to be careful about what they say! They are few and far between and hence need to tow a more responsible line!

The younger generation of women and men are watching them closely!

People Voted and Chose – Dear Politician…

And THATS Democracy!

#IndiaElects #StopRumours #AcceptDefeat


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