On the eve of Women’s Day…

On the eve of Women’s Day – lets change the way our Public Figures speak out against women and their right to live!

How you ask? After all the constitution gives women equal rights – and the IPC protects women – well lets just start with random comments made from large public platforms like “boys will be boys” and “women are like sugar who shall attract ants”….

Do we smell Misogyny anyone?

10 quick WHAT NOT to do for our Public Figures….

                               Why cant our Public Figures stop misogynistic speeches?

Dear Public Figures lets ALL decide to NOT do the following:

  1. Make prejudiced statements about “hormonal outbursts” – and blame that for all the “evils” – real and imagined!
  2. Make a woman feel ashamed after a crime is committed against her – stop victim shaming!
  3. Make the perpetrator of the crimes out to be helpless – ref to “boys will be boys” statements!
  4. Make statements around “women are like honey who shall attract the ants…”
  5. Make public announcements that jeans makes women “temptations” which cannot be resisted! People – women aren’t candy and men are definitely NOT brainless kids….
  6. Make sickening statements about a teen “tempting” a man in religious authority and power – and how the fact he got her pregnant – was NOT his fault but hers…. (this story was actually carried in a religion sponsored magazine)
  7. Make horrible comments around being a “good woman” – and refer to “docile – cows” …. and an outspoken and honest woman being Jezebel….!
  8. Make ludicrous comments about “dented and painted women” not having the right to be at a public march carried out against violence on women… Do not try and tell me lipstick or the lack of it makes or destroys a feminist!
  9. Make sickening comments about feminist men being feminine! The word used was “mauga”…. so in other words if a man stands up for women’s equality he is a mauga….? What hits them on the head – and they make statements like that?
  10.  Make pathetic attempts at blaming women’s clothes and drinking for crimes committed against them! The ultimate victim shaming brigade is up and running right around us….

We all need to ensure that we “educate” our Public figures – lest they decide NOT to educate themselves….

Lets simply DO IT….!

Happy Women’s Day 2017 folks….


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