5 steps to Empower Women

Fighting Patriarchy is a long journey – filled with strife and rigid mindsets. On this journey we need to start empowering the women around us.

NOTE – this piece is for BOTH men and women who do not believe in patriarchy and would like to have gender equality around them!

BTW – men too are feminist if they believe that women are equal. Remember by the simple dictionary meaning – feminism is the belief that women are equal to men. And NO it does not say that men are inferior!

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                                                           Fighting the chains of Patriarchy

I normally write what I feel about issues but this time – I am actually penning down 5 quick hacks which you can follow to make a change in society.

  • Spend 3 hours per week speaking to women in our society and those who live around us. Encourage them to voice their opinions of domestic violence, abuse,#sexualHarassment. Allow each member to vent – to speak or chose just to be a mute spectator.
    Remember those who are mute may actually be victims or perpetrators … these talk circles shall help them change . If they are victims they shall find courage to take a stand … if they are perpetrators they shall be encouraged to stop abuse.
    During such sessions invite lawyers, doctors and police people as invitees … let women reach out to them.
    Start with 2 or 3 women…. increase the fold to 100…slowly and steadily
  • If you are an orator and can speak to large audiences – spend 3 hrs a week speaking to youngsters about gender. What does it mean to be gender equal? What does a girl or a woman feel when she is harassed? What does a boy feel when he is harassed?
  • Encourage the youngsters to speak about their issues. Help them formulate positive notions (if you take this up I shall help you form the content of your sessions)
    Goto the nearest school or college or community center and start offering your services
  • Make yourself and women around aware of their rights and the right authorities to goto when they are attacked. When faced with a criminal (which was very rightly pointed out by a friend on my earlier FB comment) you need to be on speed dial to your local thana, a lawyer and a cop and a doctor. Secondly gather evidence. Submit it to the right authorities.
    If being attacked physically yourself or someone around you is being attacked physically – use pepper spray or basic self defence techniques to first escape.
    Fighting back does stun the perpetrators for quite sometime … giving you a window to run… or helping someone else run.
    (I shall post self defence techniques shortly)
  • Gather people around you and enrol for a base self defence class. Then push for schools and colleges around you to make it mandatory for all children and youth.
    When empowered by these small techniques it shall allow you the strength to face a catastrophic event also.
  • If YOU know any victim of violence and abuse – YOU need to quickly form a protective Circle of positivity around them. Remember they may be very close to breaking down in spirit and taking their own lives.
    This circle of positivity may actually save someone’s life.
    You also need to have a lawyer and a doctor on speed dial to be able to help the abused.

Small and easy hacks – can actually make you an empowering agent in the lives of women around you!

PS – this is for men and women both!

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