Feminazi – Why do we use a cuss word?

Our need to use a cuss word around feminism simply shows that we do NOT understand what feminism is all about and we cannot accept the new age empowered woman!

I would like to first split this word into its origin Feminist + nazi = Feminazi.

A feminist is someone who believes and fights for the equal rights and opportunities for women. And NO a feminist is NOT a woman! A feminist can be a man or a transgender also!

Now bringing the focus on Nazi – this work literally means someone who belongs to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and loosely associated with the followers of Hitler. (ref Adolf Hitler, WWII)

So now going back to the word itself Feminazi – it should then mean a person who is radical and pushes/enforces his/her ideas on society……and what are these ideas – “equality for women”.

Now this to me is like saying “I am sorry for his sad demise” – well the last I looked, demise could never ever be happy! An oxymoron!

Quite the same way then a Feminazi would be an oxymoron!

Now getting back to who are called Feminazis (by both men and women):

  1. A woman who calls a Bollywood cheap song like “sarkaiye liye khatiya” – cheap and wishes rather verbally that such songs should not have been written. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  2. A woman who actually cringes and misogynistic jokes sent by her lady friends – and tell them. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  3. A woman who runs after her molester and slaps him and then insists on a police complaint. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  4. A woman who speaks up for her friend whose family is being forced to give dowry. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  5. A woman who tells off an office colleague when he tries to grope her and then proceeds to the boss demanding action. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  6. A woman who stands up for her friend who after getting raped and then humiliated in police station, still goes to court. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  7. A woman who stops her MIL from hitting her (after the 1st few assaults) and then files for a domestic violence case. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  8. A woman who goes to the police station to file for marital rape – and is told that it is legal in India to rape a wife – decides to goto the media and create public awareness. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  9. A woman who catches her brother seeing and video recording the neighbourhood girl bathe – files a complaint in the police station. Yes – she is a Feminazi!
  10. A woman who simply refuses to wear sindoor after marriage. Yes – she is a Feminazi!

Oh oops! But aren’t all these women simply Feminists? Aren’t they simply fighting for women’s equality?

feminism, feminazi, men, gender, women, cuzz word

Oops she is a FEMINIST ….

Hmmm… and while you contemplate – re-sharing the dictionary meaning of a feminist – someone (man or woman) who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women.

So then WHY are we creating this word Feminazi? And why are we using it as a cuss word?

Why are we hell bent on insulting a women empowerment movement?

BTW – women also call out to other women “Yes – she is a Feminazi!” when they stand up for what is right!

And lastly – I wonder what feminist men shall be insulted as? Would they also be called Feminazi?

….and YES Feminist men do exist 🙂


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