The constant dilemma faced by creative people who “wish to be entrepreneurs” – is how to execute these ideas? And in turn how to succeed?

Ideators, Ideas, Execution
Ideas can come to you anytime…

People who come up with great ideas – ie Ideators – tend to simply list out their good ideas and not bother to create any order to all the chaos.

Chaos you wonder? Well almost all Ideators – have multiple ideas and each of these ideas come at random moments in time – and hence they are mostly unstructured. Ideators thrive on chaos and the power it allows to link and inter-link newer concepts.

Ideators very often struggle with the actual “execution” of the idea. And people who actually execute the idea are “Doers”.

So if YOU are an Ideator – and are finding it hard to “execute” your idea – just follow these 10 quick hacks:

  1. Write down EACH and EVERY Idea down
  2. Create and then Detail out CLARITY of Purpose – start with what are you doing? Why are you doing it? Is this idea influenced by any external element, if yes then what?
  3. Make a detailed and clear PROCESS chart – how will the work actually happen? Make a work-flow chart with step-wise processes. It also helps to have this chart done as a visual tool – so make it on a large piece of chart paper and display prominently.
  4. Define small and micro ACTION ITEMS – each idea which is vague and fuzzy, needs to be broken into small steps which are actually action items
  5. Try to tag who can do what around the action items – this is especially imperative if you have the support of a team
  6. If you are alone – then map your strengths to each of the ACTION items – and define what you can do and what you cannot do?
  7. Spend time on deciding which ideas to execute and which ideas to discard. This shall be the toughest portion for an Ideator. Ideators love each of their ideas. You shall have to be disciplined and simply set aside a “non-doable” idea – either fully or if you find that tough, tag it as “for later” and set aside
  8. Work on 1 idea at a time – if you are a focused person. Then prioritize which ideas you shall work on 1st.
  9. Work on 2 to 3 ideas at a time – if you are a multi-tasker. But here too you need to prioritize which 2 or 3 ideas to work on and further how much time to devote to which idea?
  10. Finally simply – EXECUTE!


So my dear Ideator – here’s wishing you all the very best!

Happy executing (your Ideas)…

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